eC-Guard – VPN that makes a difference

With our eC-Guard you get an reliable and secure VPN that allows you to focus on your operations wherever you are.

What is eCMesh Guard?

A network can now extend over large geographical areas such as home offices, branches and head offices fully integrated.

When connected via eCMesh Guard, the endpoint has access to all services in your private cloud / network that are configured (eg email, VoIP telephony, document sharing, remote desktop, data storage, industrial remote control).

This is very different from a software VPN, where authentication and encryption processes are performed by a client on the user’s computer, thereby increasing the attack surface against the company’s data and decreasing the anonymity of the user.

  • Plug-n-Protect means no configuration. Connect to your device and receive automatic fail-over and layer 2 transport to all incoming points.
  • Encryption is performed with state-of-the-art technology. Encryption of messages is just another step to ensure that your data remains your own, not the property of someone who wants it.
  • Full compatibility. Comes with software that can run on everything from Ath79, IPQ40SoC, arm to x86 architecture.

Benefits of communicating via hardware VPN

  • Become anonymous
    Mask your digital fingerprints such as MAC and IP, your digital identity online for outsiders.
  • Reduce the attack surface
    Using hardware for authentication and encryption processes instead of software reduces the attack surface against the company’s data and increases the anonymity of the user.
  • Become network-independent
    Protection of insecure Wi-Fi hotspots. Cafés and airports are common hunting grounds for hackers, who can place themselves between you and the router and intercept all your data.
  • Encrypt all your data
    VPN encrypts all data that you send over the network and provides a much deeper level of security than normal surfing or via a software VPN.

Your business needs eCMesh Guard if: 

  • Your employees handle what is considered personal data according to the GDPR
  • Your employees travel for work or travel to high-risk places in third countries
  • You as a company want to protect data that passes through companies

Civil Preparedness

Resilient civil communication systems
The above solutions and services contribute to the following NATO Baseline Requirements.
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