Unified Networks

Today’s digital network is about combining all possible routes to internet. The goal and architecture of eCMesh is a modular framework that is adaptable to a large variety of implementations and integrations. eCMesh is the glue between different connectivity solutions and we build the network that is needed to have a modern and resilient network to ensure your applications and user experience.

With many years of operating in difficult environments, we understand what is needed from both hardware and software.

Wireless mesh networks enable flexible deployment, and wireless meshes enhance this flexibility by further eliminating the need for complete coverage by access points or base stations. Wireless meshes offer additional resilience in the form of path redundancy and diversity, providing stronger protections against network failure or denial-of-service.

This resilience therefore enables support for unique applications and capabilities for emergency/disaster communication, underserved areas, or to provide cellular offload.

We have developed an integrated architecture for heterogeneous mesh protocols and mesh nodes to form one unified mesh system to seamlessly support a wide variety of applications and networks in cities and as a last-mile solution in remote areas – indoors as well as outdoors – for both the public, private and the military sector.


  • Agnostic
    The Mesh is agnostic to its carrier and can be anything from radio to cable, as well as combined with other network solutions.
  • Affordability
    Fast deployment and easy integration into your current infrastructure
  • Enhanced security
    Additionally, in security-sensitive networks, we deploy tunnelling encryption to completely conceal the traffic information.

Civil Preparedness

Resilient civil communication systems
The above solutions and services contribute to the following NATO Baseline Requirements.
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Torbjörn Schön

Torbjörn Schön

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