CBRN & Decontaminations solutions

We offer mobile NATO and CE approved decontamination & disinfection systems and solutions.

We offer a Decontamination & Desinfection service and product solution based on a mobile decontamination unit designed for demanding hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination processes.

The need for effective, easy-to-deploy disinfection with low operational footprint and high readiness is a reality in today’s world. Threats to health and safety in forms of bacteriological and chemical agents is always present, both from unintentional and intentional dispersal. This calls for higher readiness in order to contain the threat as early as possible.

We deliver Superior Decontamination Services and Products for Combating Viruses, Bacterias and Harmful Contaminants. We disinfect equipment and decontaminate closed spaces using a CE and NATO approved solution that vaporises 50% hydrogen peroxide.

Our smart, powerful, and easily portable decontamination units eliminate all harmful contaminants safely on any surface. We can support you with decontamination as a service, as well we can provide you with the products.

Operating principles

Environmentally friendly solution and complete degradation to harmless water and oxygen.

Simple to set-up and operate

Compact, briefcase-sized unit is designed for mobile decontamination. Superior hydrogen peroxide vapour generation than any other comparable device. Just specify desired H2O2 concentration and duration, and the unit takes care of the rest.

One liter of H2O2 liquid goes a long way

80% efficiency using 35-50% H2O2 solution, resulting in 335 minutes of operation at full power. Accurate and repeatable decontamination conditions for > 6-log microbial reduction. Risk of hydrogen peroxide condensation accumulating on surfaces is minimized.

New standard setting technology

State of art sensors for real time monitoring of H2O2 concentration and condensation point; real time adjustment of H2O2 vapor output, heating and air-drying to maintain desired decontamination parameters.

Reliable and consistent results

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) provides excellent penetration into hard-to-reach locations. Sporicidal efficiency of H2O2 vapour is activated already at 100-700 ppm concentrations. Additional fans are used for optimal air circulation to secure H2O2 vapour distribution.

Intuitive user experience

Sophisticated control software enables hydrogen peroxide and water vapor levels to be maintained below saturation point. User Interface by touch screen on the Master Unit and computer/tablet/phone via cable or WiFi. Automatic process control based on real time sensor data and program parameters.

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Joachim Hammersland

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