RemoteNet – Unified Networks

With our own secure connectivity solution RemoteNet – Unified Networks we provide the backbone for connectivity within Defence & Security. The solution offers a well-defined interface for everything within the network as well as securing the outside connection.

RemoteNet is our version of the Unified Network concept. It is a decentralized communication and easy to use system whose main task is to connect networks consisting of ethernet with a high level of security, a unified network.

  • Establish the unified network to enable multi-domain operations
  • Posture the force for multi-domain operations
  • Security and survivability
  • Reform processes and polices
  • Network sustainment

Encrypted communication

With our RemoteNet framework, communication takes place in our double-encrypted layer2 solution with support for automatic fail-over to alternative connection, e.g., 4G. All built with our own code in open-source, which means no hidden back doors.

Communication with RemoteNet acts covertly, is protected against eavesdropping and resistant to manipulation and able to handle different types of attacks where e.g. an attacker gains access to parts of the network.


  • Enables multi-domain operations (MDO) at all echelons.
  • Agnostic to carrier, Fibre, Radio, copper, 4G etc.
  • Decentralized architecture
  • Layer 2/3 Communication
  • High degree of interoperability
  • Fault Management Interface
  • Multi Backhauling possibilities
  • Internet fail over systems for full redundance
  • Carrier Arcana Cryptology (NATO SECRET/EU SECRET)
  • Option to build with additional VLANs (ex. eth0.1111)

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