Meet us

The MW People are always up for a challenge. When facing a difficult task or uncertain situation we rely on ourselves and the team. Get to know some of us!

  • Emmelie Parsfelt
    Installation Professional
    “I'm proud of being part of this team and I'm honoured of being rewarded MW Groups Award of Excellence in 2021 for my work.”
  • Stanley Ohlsson
    “I’m a prestigious person and has always been. I’ proud of working at MW Field Services and I put pride in always doing my best. So far it worked out pretty well.”
  • Magnus Selin
    Head of Unmanned Flight Operations
    “I think it's rewarding to see our common struggle towards a more safe and robust society.”
  • Jimmy Karlsson
    Fiber Technician
    “I trust my team. The ones who are in front of the challenge is the ones who should act. I provide them with trust, advice and resources.”
  • David Larsson
    Mobile Technician
    “Ever since I can remember I´ve always wanted to be in motion. It keeps me in a constant feeling of developing and I never get bored in my work. At MW Group I get to handle state of the art technology on an everyday basis.”
  • Sakarias Strand
    Head of Cyber
    “I proud of working at MW Group and that we are serving a stronger society in all that we do”.
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Field Services
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Strategic Advice