MW Forest Sense provides John Deere´s forest machines with geospatial maps

MW Forest Sense co-owned company Arbonaut provides John Deere´s forest machines with amazingly accurate geospatial maps

The global machine manufacturer John Deere equips its forest machines with map layers with clear information about the terrain and trees of the harvesting site. These maps make it possible for the machine operator to design interesting and high-quality work, states John Deere company in its press release.

According to John Deere, knowledge-based planning streamlines work, increases the profitability of logging and helps to carry out the work while preserving biodiversity.

The new map layers enable high-quality work planning. Map levels make it easier to draw up a harvesting plan and plan the structure of the furrow network and the directions of the furrows in daily felling work, also enabling smooth loader work. Knowledge of terrain shapes, humidity, tree stand length and tree species makes the harvester driver’s job even more efficent. Information-based planning streamlines the work, increases the profitability of wood harvesting and helps to carry out the work while preserving natural diversity. Driving trips in the forest are also made as economical as possible, which reduces fuel consumption.

Forest Sense is a subsidiary of the MW Group AB became a co-owner of Arbonaut in the beginning of this year.

– Our Arbo services makes us a world leader in producing accurate forest information, or forest sense as we call it for national purposes, forest owners and the forest industry worldwide. We are immensely proud of being a part of this partnership with John Deere, says the Chairman of the Board of Arbonaut and Partner of Forest Sense, Sixten Sunabacka.

Sixten Sunebacka

Executive Partner MW Forest Sense


M: +358 40 036 6148

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