MW Group is a modern Nordic defence and security service and solution provider. Our mission is to serve a strong society.
Field Services

Field Services

MW Field Services ensure uptime and connectivity of critical infrastructure through installation and maintenance services for the telecom, energy, and security sectors.​

Defence Solutions

MW Defence provides critical support services and solutions to help public and private Defence & Security customers meet operational challenges.

Cyber Services

MW Cyber Services provides unique and robust technologies within secure digital infrastructure, connectivity, and communications.

Geospatial Services

MW Geospatial Services provides high-resolution aerial data collection, with the use of long-range UAS, geospatial intelligence, and expert training.


MW Strategic Advice provides expert services, decision support and capability building for management teams and boards on topics relating to geopolitical strategy and defence.

Forest Sense

MW Forest Sense provides forest intelligence with precision.


MW Group values not only skills but character. Those with commitment and engagement can find their professional home within MW Group – no matter what position.