The backbone of our company and the foundation in our business is our Fundamentals. We aim to contribute to the ability for everyone to live a life of freedom and choice in an open society – a world of free people. By ensuring resilient, robust, and effective functions we are serving a strong society by practicing Execution, Engagement and Endurance.

Our Vision

MW Group’s vision is a world of free people
We want to contribute to the ability to live a life of freedom and choice in an open society.

Our Mission

MW Group’s mission is to serve a strong society
We are driven by our mission to create a strong society by ensuring resilient social functions by resourcing efficient and robust service solutions.

Principles for how we operate as a company

We value the spirit of entrepreneurship
We are visionary, driven, and determined. We aspire to create new value by innovation. We are bold and dedicated team linked by our common motivations and aspirations.

We use the strength of industrialization
We believe in the power of an industrializing way of operating our day to day business. By incorporating an efficient organizational structure ans effective quality management processes, we are continuously able to improve and deliver high-impact results.

We show commitment to what we do
We do the best job, period. Our operation is result oriented because we always have the objective of value creation in mind. We are committed to exceeding expectations in everything we do. Our approach is efficient and practical – we keep it simple and on point.


Our Values

Execution – Engagement – Endurance

Our operation is results-orientated because we have the objective of adding value at every point of service. We always guarantee an execution that assures quality of work, regardless of external conditions.

For us engagement means deep professionalism and customer focus, but also the utmost respect towards each other. Our employees are chosen for their level of engagement and the passion they put into their work. Engagement is not only a word – it constitutes the base of everything we do.

We have a proven ability to serve our society through our shared background. We will always take responsibility for delivering results, no matter how long or difficult the path is.