Recruitment process

Below is the standardized recruitment process for joining MW Group. The process varies based on which position that you are applying for.
If you have any questions in regards to the process, please feel free to contact one of our recruiters.


Send an application through our career pages, recruitment ads or through one of our recruiters.


Our recruiters and managers review the applications based on merit, background and how well the candidate qualifies.

Interview 1

During this interview we meet a larger portion of our candidates. You will meet the hiring manager and one of MW group recruiters.

Interview 2

In this interview we further examine and interview the candidates, deep diving into their background, viability and personal traits.

Canditate assessment tests

In addition to interview 1 and 2, certain classified positions and all management and executive recruitments include a series of tests.

Reference check

A minimum of two references per candidate. With classified and executive positions we might require additional references.

Background check

Standardized background check is made of the candidate as a minimum.

Security clearance process

This step is only for security classified positions

Employment contract offering

Together with the candidate, we draft an employment contract per agreed terms.


Welcome to MW Group, you receive an onboarding package and training during your first weeks and months, ensuring that you become a well received member on our team.

All recruitments
Security classified position
Executive recruitment