Join us in our mission to serve a strong society!

We are driven by our mission to create a strong society. By ensuring resilient, robust, and effective functions we are serving a strong society. Our mission is the way we want to reach our vision. Our vision tells everyone what we strive for. It gives us our purpose. We want to contribute to the ability for everyone to live a life of freedom and choice, in an open society – a world of free people.

We create the conditions for you to do a job that you can be proud of

The mixture of talents and experience at MW Group gives us better opportunities to make a difference in a complex world. It also makes MW Group a challenging and varied workplace, with the opportunity to do most things. No matter what field you want to work in, what professional role you have, or where you are in life.

The basis for a good working environment at MW Group is about attractive employment conditions, safe and secure work conditions and a company culture that relies on our values; Execution – Engagement – Endurance

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We lead through engagement

We believe in transformational leadership. We empower our team to achieve and exceed their goals as a part of our vision. We embrace and reward those who lead by example, take the initiative, and motivate others.


“What drives me in a workplace is the opportunity to learn new things. I feel that MW Group is the right employer for me since they can keep up with that and are continuing to support me”

– Nicole Sjögren, Mobile Technician

“As a part of MW group I am allowed to expand my skills in my work role and put them to the test, I can deliver work that both me and my colleagues can be proud of. ”

– Stanley Ohlsson, Electrician

”Our differences become assets in an organization where nothing is impossible and only the imagination sets limits to what we together can achieve”

– Joachim Hammersland, Head of Defence Solutions

“Since I started working for MW Group, the satisfaction of going to work has increased significantly, I feel that the job promotes both my professional and personal development.”

Fredrik Persson, Installation Professional

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