Our Culture

Working with society resilience, MW Group needs people who practice everyday integrity. No matter how advanced the technical solution, the final touch always comes from one of our MW People. The backbone of our company is MW Fundaments.

Our culture

MW Fundaments

A follow-through mindset has been our ideal since day one. This applies to all positions and at all levels, as MW People need to rely on each other as much as the Nordic citizens rely on us to keep the society resilience up to date.

Guidelines for how we act as colleagues

We lead through engagement
We believe in transformational leadership. We empower our team to achieve and exceed their goals as a part of our vision. We embrace and reward those who lead by example, take the initiative, and motivate others.

We are driven to perform
Our company was born out of a drive and commitment to excellence. We are resolved and determined to succeed no matter the challenges. We are motivated by our sense of urgency and committed to our company’s performance.

We create a sense of belonging
We place high-value on our team. Our success as a company is not only rooted in our common vision, mission, values, and goals, but also in our relationships and respect for each other.


A world of free people


Serving a strong society


Execution – Engagement – Endurance

Our vision tells everyone what we strive for. It gives us our purpose. We want to contribute to the ability for everyone to live a life of freedom and choice, in an open society – a world of free people. Our mission is the way we want to reach our vision. By ensuring resilient, robust, and effective functions we are serving a strong society by practicing Execution, Engagement and Endurance.

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