MW Geospatial Services provides high-resolution aerial data collection, with the use of long-range UAS, geospatial intelligence, and expert training.

We provide geospatial intelligence by the fusion of aerial sensing capabilities with advanced machine learning tools. Our focus is on defence and commercial opportunities where we can deploy high-technology collection sensors and sophisticated analytical tools to deliver actionable intelligence. We also provide training and advisory to clients that are driven to develop their own intelligence capabilities. We are ready to solve our clients’ needs anytime and anywhere.


Advanced remote sensing with LiDAR, multispectral cameras, and other technology sensors, to measure valuable characteristics of clients’ unique forest ecosystems.


Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) support for clients seeking to integrate their UAS capabilities into a modern C4ISR network.


Commercial and defence UAS training, compliant with appropriate regulations and specific to client needs. We provide flexible training solutions in all aspects of UAS operations. We develop professional unmanned aviators that are confident and able to make the right decisions in complex operating environments. Unmanned systems provide incredible remote sensing capabilities. We believe a strong training foundation assures the UAS capabilities are available whenever and wherever needed.


We provide support in all aspects of integrating unmanned capabilities. We adapt to the requirements and specific operational complexities our clients face in their industries or operating environments. From system assessments, program management, to continuous operations employment, we assure you have the right systems whenever and wherever needed.


High-precision, high-resolution surveys of public utilities and infrastructure to enhance society’s resilience to a changing world


We provide tailored end-to-end services for unmanned capabilities. From building efficient workflows to managing your operations for your data gathering requirements, we aim to provide you the opportunity to make informed critical decisions.
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Anthony Randall-Clausen

Head of MW Geospatial Services
M: +45 31 70 04 23
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