MW Group and NATO’s seven baseline requirements

I am excited to announce a new initiative at MW Group. We have decided to tie our future civilian offerings, mission, and values align to NATO’s Seven Civil Preparedness Baseline Requirements. This commitment is based on recognizing that the strategic environment has changed and that the resilience of civil structures, resources, and services is the first line of defence for today’s modern societies.

During the following weeks and months, future content and material from MW Group will showcase how we, across all of our different business areas and deliveries, work to increase the robustness and resilience of society.

MW Group was founded with the belief of serving a strong society. Given the recent developments in Europe and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, this mission has never been more important. As a company, we understand the crucial role that secure and reliable information systems play in supporting the stability and security of communities and nations. In this time of uncertainty and turmoil, we are proud to be doing our part to serve society and contribute to a stronger, safer world.

Sweden´s Supreme Commander, Micael Bydén has raised the incredibly important point, that Sweden during our on-going NATO ratification process should not back our way into a NATO membership – all of society must chip in wherever possible. To take the initiative wherever we can.

This is our contribution.

The Seven Baseline Requirements as listed by NATO, will be listed as these icons and presented in association to the solutions and services that MW Group provides. As an example, baseline 6 of resilient communication systems is associated to our Field Services organization that works with critical infrastructure such as 5G networks, resilient energy supplies through power and infrastructure. We will showcase and exemplify more the coming weeks and months.

By tying our solutions and services to NATO’s Seven Baseline Requirements, we are taking a step forward in our commitment to serving a strong society. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to help them maintain their operations, protect their information, and increase overall resilience – even in the most challenging circumstances. We are dedicated to supporting our customers in their efforts to build a better world, and we believe this new initiative is an important step in that direction.

So, what exactly are NATO’s Seven Baseline Requirements? Let’s take a closer look:

NATO’s baseline requirements 

In 2016, at the Warsaw Summit, Allied leaders committed to enhancing resilience by striving to achieve seven baseline requirements for civil preparedness:

1) assured continuity of government and critical government services; 
2) resilient energy supplies;
3) ability to deal effectively with uncontrolled movement of people; 
4) resilient food and water resources; 
5) ability to deal with mass casualties; 
6) resilient civil communications systems;
7) resilient civil transportation systems.

Not only are our solutions tied to these requirements, but they also match with MW’s Fundaments which consist of the three core values of Execution, Engagement, and Endurance

Through this focus on NATO’s Seven Baseline Requirements, we demonstrate our commitment to executing our work to increase resilience in our societies. Our engagement with these standards shows our dedication to serving the needs of our customers. And our endurance in this commitment reflects our determination to provide long-lasting and reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

Furthermore, our mission statement is “To serve a strong society,” By adhering to NATO’s Seven Baseline Requirements, we are fulfilling this mission by providing our customers with services and solutions that contribute to increasing the civil preparedness and resilience in the societies we all take part of.

Our goal is to empower our customers to enhance and maintain robust societal resilience by using our solutions and services, whether civil or military. And to simply help where we can.

In conclusion, I am proud of our work at MW Group, and I am honored to lead a company committed to serving a strong society. Our new initiative reflects our commitment to excellence, our dedication to serving our customers, and our unwavering belief that it is our duty to make a positive impact in the world.


Mikael Karlsson CEO and Founder, MW Group


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