MW Strategic Advice provides decision support and capability building for management teams and boards on topics relating to geopolitical strategy and defence.​ Our strategic advisors have more than 30 years of experience in strategy, geopolitics, security, risk management, policies, intelligence, and research.

Strategic Advice
We provide expert knowledge and decades of experience to the manufacturing industry, defence, security, energy, logistics, trade, and civil contingency sectors. We can deliver our services as long-term advisors, as part-time interim managers or at workshops and seminars. We produce relevant reports on our expert topics and present them at invite-only webinars and roundtables together with our customers.
What are “geostrategic business risks”? For decades after the Cold War, the world developed peacefully and trade flourished and, while it continues to do so, frictions due to political discord are becoming more common MW Strategic Advice provide services to assist in the management and mitigation of the risks of great power competition and its consequences.

Geostrategic business risks

We advise business owners, investors, board members and management on the risks connected to international political developments and what that means, in practise, for your company.

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Strategic crisis management

We support decision makers with crisis management, and the provision of temporary crisis staff.

Procurement strategy

We are experts in procurement with focus on the governmental ecosystem but also the increased complexity and compliance regulations for private corporations.

Supply chain risk management

We provide knowledge and expertise on how the constraints and congestions in the global supply chain landscape are affecting Nordic businesses.

Energy security strategy

We are hired as advisors to research institutions to assist on how energy has become weaponised, and the threats and risks connected to the transition from fossil to renewable energy.

Business environment monitoring and intelligence

Our experts with backgrounds in military and civilian intelligence communities assist corporations with high profile reports and relevant information, in order to support decision-making at board and management level.

Security and civil contingency management

We assist the armed forces, parliament, government, agencies, and enterprises, with the rebuilding of defence and civil contingency capabilities.
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Freddy Jönsson-Hanberg

Head of MW Strategic Advice
M: +46 76-324 66 95
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