TaaS – Team as a Service

Our cyber solution subsidiary eCiceron offers TaaS.

We offer consultation services through a concept we term TaaS – Team as a Service.

Our objective is to assist our customers with Linux and network-related services, allowing you to offload tasks to us.

The tangible outcome of our services is that your organization can redirect internal resources to enhance specific deliverables, thereby increasing operational efficiency.

Team Ability - Team as a Service
Blue/Red Team Stamina and consulting

Trained to a level where we can rotate and support without any additional on-boarding. Fast and efficient resources and Consulting/Red/Blue Team Stamina.

Stand-by Resource

Initial team with sand-by resource

Stand-by Resource Activated

Activation of stand-by resource in case of increased workload.

Increased Stand-by Resources

Recruitment of additional stand-by resources if long-term upscaling is needed.


Patch Tech Teams - Response Team

The Firstline/patch team serves as our first impact response team and extended arm at remote locations.

They are permanently located on-site if needed. The team’s main tasks include:

  • Responders
  • Switch/router racking
  • Data collection on-site
  • Installation of additional Sensors (IDS etc.)
  • Patching
  • Documentation on-site topology
  • On-site communication
  • L1/L2 troubleshooting/investigation
  • Switch/router resetting/firmware updates

Second/Third Line

Network/System Engineers a.k.a Threat Hunters & Team-lead.

Sophisticated resources with different specialties. Temporary on-site presence.

While individual specialization varies, the collective’s main skills include:

  • L2/L3 investigation/troubleshooting
  • Linux system administration
  • Threat hunter
  • Advanced Documentation
  • Scripting and API programming
  • Git version control
  • Radio & frequency planning
  • Establishing processes and routines
  • Team-lead & project management
  • Prometheus, Zabbix, LibreNMS
  • Python, C, Java, Lua, Rust, Bash etc.

Daily and reference customers

At eCiceron, we specialize in delivering high-performance digital teams, available either as a blue/red team or as a designated consulting capability with long-term performance.

Our clients experience tremendous value when we leverage the unique talents of our employees to deliver highly motivated and solution-oriented services, effectively making 1+1 equal 3.

Our services include:

  • Troubleshooting and deployment of industry networks
  • Digital project management
  • Cyber threat hunting and managed services
  • Radio and frequency planning
  • Digital automation
  • Advanced SD-WAN solutions and integrations
  • Embedded systems with custom designs for prop-tech-specific tasks
  • Leveraging our strong Nordic security profile and renowned expertise, we can build your defense strategy, including network design, managed services, and custom-built embedded systems.

For full information and contact, visit eCiceron.
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