Work at MW Group

Our strive for a world of free people connects all our business areas. Our collective capability is our greatest strength. At MW Group you will have colleagues that complement your skillset and share the same values. In that way MW People never stop learning.

  • Fredrik Persson
    Installation Professional
    ”Since I started working for MW Group, the satisfaction of going to work has increased significantly, I feel that the job promotes both my professional and personal development. “
  • Stanley Ohlsson
    “As a part of MW group I am allowed to expand my skills in my work role and put them to the test, I can deliver work that both me and my colleagues can be proud of. "
  • Joachim Hammersland
    Head of Defence Solutions
    ”Our differences become assets in an organization where nothing is impossible and only the imagination sets limits to what we together can achieve” –
  • David Larsson
    Mobile Technician
    “Ever since I can remember I´ve always wanted to be in motion. It keeps me in a constant feeling of developing and I never get bored in my work. At MW Group I get to handle state of the art technology on an everyday basis.”
  • Nicole Sjögren
    Mobile Technician
    "What drives me in a workplace is the opportunity to learn new things. I feel that MW Group is the right employer for me since they can keep up with that and are continuing to support me"

Keeping the initiative

MW People are initiative-driven and proactive. They never rely on coincidence and stay one step ahead at all times. By taking these measures, we ensure that we are consistently engaged in tasks at all service levels. This simple rule has enabled us to grow and establish our business all over the Nordics.


MW Group encourages individual learning. The MW People who show interest in developing new skills and expanding their responsibility are always listened to. MW Group values those who exceed expectations, not only with their skillset but also by showing character. By being proactive in your own learning, you are building your own career.