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MW Field Services offers a complete service portfolio within the area of electricity and communication infrastructure. We are specialised in charging infrastructure, renewable energy, fibre, and data networks.

Our modern society is reliant on robust energy solutions and communication infrastructure. Any disturbance will affect us immediately and our society is at risk of malfunction. A growing fleet of electrical vehicles with cloud connectivity, and the fast-moving innovative digitalisation that relies on our digital infrastructure, results in an ever-increasing demand for security awareness. MW Field Services are ready to serve and be a strong partner in this new environment.

MW Field Services are specialised in the deployment and support of charging infrastructure, renewable energy, and efficient installation of communication infrastructure. We understand the need for high-quality services, the importance of having solid processes, and security-cleared technicians with verified competence when serving critical infrastructure.

We use internal resources in our delivery, and our staff are required to pass register checks and security interviews as standard. If your project or service needs higher security clearance, we have processes and secure offices to handle this. Security and integrity are central in our delivery, and we strongly believe that it makes a difference in the field.

Some services in our portfolio

  • Project management
  • Projection
  • Installation services
  • Fibre rollouts
  • Expansion of existing infrastructure
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Network monitoring services 24-7
  • UAV Powerline inspections

We are certified within Electricity, Fibre, Cooling (INCERT) and ISO 45001

Civil Preparedness

Assured continuity of government and critical government services.
Resilient energy supplies
Resilient civil communication systems
The above solutions and services contribute to the following NATO Baseline Requirements.
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Erik Björkman

Head of Business Unit Power & Infra
E: erik.bjorkman@mw.group
M: +46700911097
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