Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

We deliver high quality personnel with specific competence at a short notice and in large numbers. No matter what or where.

The Quick Reaction Force of MW Field Services is a testament to our ability to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of our clients, ensuring that their projects are always staffed with the most capable individuals. With a focus on both speed and excellence, we are confident that we can meet the demands of even the most complex projects.



Stockholm, Sweden – MW Groups QRF helps Stockholm Live, providing personnel for concerts and events at venues such as Friends Arena, Tele2 Arena, and Avicci Arena. Our process involves comprehensive planning and management of large workforces at a short times notice, solving various different tasks.

Many if not most of our staff has a common background in either security or the military, which is a strong cultural belief of MW Group. This also ensures security vetted personnel on demand.

When to hire the QRF?

For businesses facing temporary operational needs or production peaks. We understand that these situations can be challenging for companies, and it is essential to have access to a pool of skilled and qualified professionals. That’s whereour service comes in.

Our Quick Reaction Force (QRF) staff is ready to jump into action whenever you need them. We can provide a fast response time and flexible staffing options, so you can focus on what’s important – running your business.

For companies facing ongoing operational needs, whether it be filling permanent vacancies, supporting company growth, or managing seasonal fluctuations. Our diverse pool of talented and experienced professionals undergoes a vetting process to ensure they have the skills, experience, and personality to succeed in the role. Our goal is to help build a strong and stable workforce that contributes to a company’s success.

Civil Preparedness

Assured continuity of government and critical government services.
Ability to deal effectively with uncontrolled movement of people
Ability to deal with mass casualties
The above solutions and services contribute to the following NATO Baseline Requirements.
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Robert Tibblin

Robert Tibblin

Head of QRF & Professionals
E: robert.tibblin@mw.group
M: +46736724554
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