MW Strategy delivers strategic and business-critical management consulting services for senior decision-makers within three key infrastructure-related sectors; Transportation & Logistics, Energy & Renewables and Defence.

  • The main strategic propositions focus on strategic financial, organizational, strategic and transformational services
  • The strategic services within MW Strategy complement and extend MW Groups´s traditional offerings within defense and security services and solutions
  • MW Strategy´s long term vision is to be the first choice for strategic infrastructure projects in the Nordic region
  • Our strategy consultants have substantial experience in strategy, business transformation, financing, organization, security and geopolitics

Strategic Direction

Strategy is the intentional choice of where, how and when to compete based on maximising a client’s competitive advantage – resulting in choosing the right Strategic Direction, derived from fact-based analysis and an effective process that involves and engages relevant stakeholders throughout the entire process.

We understand that strategy is not simply the means of maximising operational effectiveness (i.e. it is not cost reduction programs, organisational restructuring, etc.) – we ask the right questions that translate the chosen strategic direction into hands-on business-level initiatives.

We will ask and analyse key questions such as:

  • What markets will be pursued?
  • Which customer segments will be targeted?
  • What products and services will be offered?
  • How is value created, measured and charged?
  • Which channels will be utilised?
  • How should the operating model be designed (e.g. business units, organisational structure, performance measurements) to support the strategy fully?

Business Transformation

We know that many Business Transformations stem from a need to rapidly improve a client’s financial performance and are often large-scale as well as cross-functional in nature. Other reasons to launch business transformation programs can be to modernize and grow certain parts of the business that risk lagging behind the competition.

At MW Strategy, we lead by example and drive change through the front lines, working closely with the client’s own transformation team – we know that for the business transformation to be successful and for change to “stick”, it needs to involve key stakeholders and change ambassadors from the client. Our experience is that that is the right way to achieve measurable and lasting results.

Change of Ownership

Local and regional co-financing is increasingly in demand, and co-financing can consist of a pure capital investment or of some form of service in return, such as housing construction, job creation or the release of space/land – co-financing can increase the chances of a project being prioritised.


Increasing demand for public services creates ever more pressure on the public resources available, increasing the need to make better use of these limited resources. Therefore, local and regional co-financing is increasingly in demand and co-financing can consist of a pure capital investment or of some form of service in return, such as housing construction, job creation or the release of space/land – co-financing can increase the chances of a project being prioritised.

Alternative financing:

  • Advising public officials such as local governments & municipalities on decision-making for projects involving large financing, operations and long-term contracts with direct private sector involvement in infrastructure development.


How a project or asset is organized or in other words, what the ownership constellation of a project or asset looks like, depends largely on the revenue streams and the financing structure during the project or asset’s life cycle.

No matter the journey ahead, we at MW Strategy will be your consulting partner from analysis to implementation.

Feasibility studies & Business cases

  • A feasibility study aims to provide an independent assessment that undertakes all aspects of a proposed project, including technical, economic, financial, legal, and environmental considerations.
  • A business case shows the overall potential of the project in question and can be viewed based on the aspects the project believes are most valuable for achieving its purpose. It holds five key dimensions: strategic case, economic case, commercial case, financial case and management case.

Security and Business Risk Management Services, including:

  • Geostrategic Business Risk – We advise business owners, investors, board members and management on the risks connected to international political developments and what that means, in practise, for the client.
  • Energy Security Strategy – We are hired as advisors to research institutions to assist on how energy has become weaponised, and the threats and risks connected to the transition from fossil to renewable energy.
  • Security and civil contingency management – We assist the armed forces, parliament, government, agencies, and enterprises, with the rebuilding of defence and civil contingency capabilities


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