Drones equipped with thermal cameras are used by property owners to reduce energy costs and environmental impact

The ongoing energy crisis has resulted in significant challenges for private households and the real estate sector. The security- and defence company MW Group is now using drones equipped with sensors and thermal cameras to locate energy leakage, damages and defects in properties to help property owners avoid unnecessary energy bills. 

Increased electricity costs affect property owners, the real-estate sector, and citizens all over the Nordics. This has raised the question of the finding new and innovative methods to optimize electricity consumption. MW Group now uses military technology and equipment to help property owners to inspect their properties. The purpose is to identify deficiencies that lead to unnecessary energy consumption. 

By analyzing properties with specialized drones equipped with thermal sensors, a technology often used in the defence industry, for example, in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance missions – it is possible to detect if a property is poorly isolated or has thermic defects that can result in temperature losses. Former military drone operators manoeuvre the drones. 

The electricity crisis may result in catastrophic consequences for the real estate sector and their tenants. Therefore we have focused on providing property owners with a concept where we take advantage of techniques and services that we normally use for military purposes to help property owners and in extension their tenants in the ongoing energy crisis,      

says Mikael Karlsson, CEO of MW Group.

The drone operators are fully certified for flying and sensor operations. The data collected is deeply analyzed by certified technicians at MW Group to provide concrete proposals on actions that reduce electricity consumption, prevent energy loss, and save the environment. 

A visual comparison of a roof where thermal sensors detect damaged isolations and energy leaks

Through this methodology and technology, it is possible to detect various defects and inefficiencies. At a roof inspection of a property, it is possible to detect accumulations of water that may cause damage to the isolation or damaged roof tiles that may cause water to enter sensitive areas of the roof, which in the long term may result in roof leakage, mould, and rot. A drone inspection of solar panels can reveal cracks, delamination, damages, or other problems that can decrease energy production capacity and cause unnecessary revenue losses. The same technique can be used to inspect and optimize already installed solar panels to secure and maximize operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact. 

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