Interview with General (ret) Peter Bartram, Chairman of the Board & Partner.

Former Danish Chief of Defence

General (ret) Peter Bartram entered as Chairman of the Board for MW Group in on October 1st, 2021, after four months as a board member.

As we’ve now reached almost a year of service, and crossed six months as Chairman & Partner, please share your highlight from this time.

During this period, the board and leadership team succeeded to develop our strategy and a develop a better understanding of our potential and position in the market. All our business areas have increased their revenues and EBITDA as our internal organisation and sales functions are developing successfully. It’s vital to do so, but one should not underestimate the effort it takes and the leadership it requires to make it a success. Well done to the team!

In addition to that, we’ve acquired and invested in some very high potential companies closely linked to our portfolio, which is a strong foundation to further growth for MW Group.

Why is MW Group’s vision important to you?

I am a strong believer in the necessity to organize the defence of our society differently. The threats we are facing call for some changes and MW Group offer a way to build resilience across sectors.

Can you describe what it is like working in an SWE-Nordic environment at MW Group?

I have extensive international experience and have always enjoyed diverse cultures and history. It is important to be mindful of norms and traditions, so you don’t take focus away from your content or feed arguments. In the Nordic region, we are not that different culturally, so the transition to my first non-Danish Chairman position was smooth and easy. During my position at MW Group, I have met several very successful Swedish entrepreneurs and have been wowed by their ability to identify business opportunities, build, and then scale.

MW Group have attracted very qualified talent over your time as Chairman of the Board. According to you, what is the key driver for that? 

It is probably a combination of several things. We have a very visionary and competent CEO who can spot people with talent and potential. In addition, the vision of MW Group, the belief in our businesses, and the group of owners and investors all contributes to making it a journey you want to join. I am very privileged that I can choose only to work with people I really like or find interesting. In the case ‘MW Group’ both parameters are fulfilled. I am always looking forward to our meetings and spending time with the MW Group team.

Describe the diverse leadership team and why it is a key factor for success.

A diverse leadership team brings different competencies and experiences to the table. You are looking for relevant talent and insight underrepresented in the board room, so any future discussion could be enlightened and more balanced. However, the chemistry among people is vital, so all board members must have the right attitude and willingness to be part of the team. One should remember the different backgrounds also includes different ways of working. If you ignore it, it might become a problem. In MW Group we talk about it, and I believe we have all learned from each other and developed a way to balance structure & processes with entrepreneurship and all the dynamics and tempo it carries.

Can you please share your view on current modern threats?

Not so long-ago wars and crises were limited to a specific geography and the actors were primarily armed forces. Nowadays, it is all the opposite. We witness how cyber warfare and pandemic have almost no boundaries, and the same goes for sanctions being political or economic. Hence, we are all victims on different levels, though.

The global economy has provided much of our growth and welfare but also made us vulnerable to a lack of spare parts and other abnormalities. This is likely to continue.

Terror is far from a new threat but might next time occur at a scale that requires a comprehensive response from the entire society.

Migrations and refugees are not threats to our security, but they pose a challenge to our daily life if we do not prepare wisely. 

As the threats close in on our societies, we need to build resilience across sectors and between private and public enterprises. We have many dual-purpose capacities that should be mapped and organized ready for a crisis or war situation.

This is what MW Group is all about. 

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