Large industrial company assisted with strategic business risk management

MW Strategic advice has conducted a workshop series of 8 workshops for one of the largest corporations in Europe. We delivered strategic advice, strategy scenarios and expertise knowledge on global regions. The customers used our advice to adjust their strategy

Case Study Detail:

Our client depends on smooth and efficient supply chains, offshore manufacturing, and global customer distribution networks throughout the world. Their customers and suppliers are found in the US, the EU, and in China, Russia, India, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Being exposed to changes in the political environment, especially the geopolitical developments, such as those between China and the US or EU and Russia but also rising tensions in other parts of the world, requires a need to understand what is driving the geopolitical competition.

As a global corporation, measures must be taken well before circumstances change on the ground. For this to be possible, a deep understanding and knowledge of the basis for geostrategic developments is required.

We provide knowledge on global regions but also on important aspects for large businesses, such as sanctions, supply chain risks and energy security.

The workshop series is a low threshold service for any corporation to get a firm grip on geostrategic business risks.

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