Upgrade of electrical infrastructure and deployment of modern charging infrastructure


The client asked if MW could take on the challenge to plan and deploy over 250 intelligent charging points to an old suburb of Malmö.


The targeted area of the suburb had old electrical infrastructure, not suitable for a modern large eMobility solution and the load generated when in full use.


MW re-designed the distribution of the electrical network, including ground work and new redundant connections to the power grid. MW used a “star” design in to enable true load balancing, ensuring the same effect to all. The eMobility solution was selected to ensure low cost of ownership and continuous monitoring, with maximum ease of use and security in mind.


The customer, and the suburb have received a modern future proof electrical distribution network. Supporting the needs of the client and the electrification of our society.

Civil Preparedness

Resilient energy supplies
Resilient civil transportation systems
The above solutions and services contribute to the following NATO Baseline Requirements.

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