Fast and country-wide deployment of Telecom roll-out capabilities


MW Group was contacted by Ericsson in late 2021 regarding roll-out of 5G in Norway. The reasoning was a high demand from their customers to increase the pace to spread the new technology faster. Ericsson requested a partner that would be able to plan, build and maintain 5g-sites across Norway without a reduction in quality or safety.


MW Group at the time had no registered company in Norway, and the Norwegian regulations for installation of active telecom equipment were quite different compared to other countries in the Nordics. In addition, the Norwegian market lacked experienced resources.


MW Group accelerated the establishment of a local company and an extensive scale-up of resources. Less than 3 months after the request MW Group had built the first 5G site and base station in Norway. Less than 6 months after the customer request, MW Group had built enough capacity to roll-out 10 5G base stations per week.


MW Group managed to increase Ericsson delivery capacity in Norway in significantly within a very short timespan. Enabling Ericsson to meet the demand of their customers at the same time as MW contributes to the Norwegian society by increasing the availability of 5G.

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