Post-pandemic support to Arlanda Airport



With travel season coming back for the first time since the pandemic and with lifted restrictions, record amounts of eager travelers wanted to fly abroad. This increase in travelers resulted in a tough situation for airports all over Europe, including Arlanda in Stockholm. To add complexity to an already strained situation, there was ongoing renovation work at one of Arlandas terminals at this time resulting in further reduced capacity, resulting in even larger queues. Additional staff takes time to train and to do background checks on which means that the problem cannot be solved quickly. And as these queues grew, people started coming 6 hours or more before their flight which worsened the situation, lines quickly built up, and there was a risk of people missing their flights.

Arlanda Airports which is owned and operated by Swedavia also uphold the highest safety and security standard, meaning that even with this increased influx of travelers – security must remain a top priority.


MW Group were tasked to quickly assemble security cleared and capable personell that could assist on premises, immediately. We set up perimeters before security checkpoints to ensure that everyone could board their flights on time; travelers were filtered based on their departure time to minimize missed flights whilst securing a smoother flow, reducing queues and helping travelers and employees at the airport have a less strained situation. MW Group manned the perimeters 24/7, providing thousands of active hours.

Thanks to our efforts, Arlanda Airport was able to run smoother, fewer flights were missed, all without compromising the security of the airport and the check-in security routines.

Civil Preparedness

Assured continuity of government and critical government services.
Ability to deal effectively with uncontrolled movement of people
Resilient civil transportation systems
The above solutions and services contribute to the following NATO Baseline Requirements.

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