Operational support during OCEAN2020

MW Group applied its extensive experience and expertise in Field Services and military operations, to deliver a turnkey solution for Saab Mission Control Centre, during the EU-funded second Baltic Sea Demonstration of OCEAN2020. The service incl. logistics, infrastructure, electricity and connectivity, enabling Saab and its partners to continue to develop and test hardware and software, as well as carry out realistic scenarios using unmanned platforms; in the air, on the surface and sub-surface.

Our solution

MW Group was asked to deliver a complete, tailored solution, operating out of a temporary site for three weeks. We supported a total of 50 people across 12 teams, including the support of the Second Sea Demonstration Mission Control Centre under Saab’s management, and the Command and Control of assets operated by partners. The focus of the turnkey solution was to provide continuous and uninterrupted power supply and connectivity, through a secure and robust network, over internet with encrypted Layer 2 provided by MW Cyber. In addition, the solution also provided infrastructure to protect people and assets while in the field. MW Group also provided logistics support and maintenance for all installations, ensuring continuous use for the full length of the deployment

Outcomes and benefits

Our turnkey solution enabled Saab management and partners to demonstrate Unmanned Systems autonomy, in an operational environment during live scenarios

The solution enabled the team to operate without interruption whilst on site at the Land Test Centre in Ravlunda.

OCEAN2020 Second Sea Demonstration successfully completed a number of tasks and achieved the intended objectives.

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