Disinfection deployment at Stockholm Field Hospital

We took part in the deployment of a Swedish Field Hospital in May 2020 for the Region of Stockholm to support the fight against Covid-19, with our solution we disinfected 2 000 visors per hour.

Case Study Detail:

We were operational within 72 hours of engagement, incl. two heated containers, processes, routines for handling dirty and clean transportation, plus the packing of clean equipment.

Our solution managed the disinfection of +2 000 visors per hour, plus an additional 90 minutes for the packing and unpacking of the disinfected items.

During set up of the operation, extensive tests were made by the Karolinska Institute to ensure that the respiratory protection gear was disinfected without losing its functionality. No changes in functionality on the protection gear could be noted while full penetration of the protection was achieved.

Civil Preparedness

Ability to deal with mass casualties
The above solutions and services contribute to the following NATO Baseline Requirements.

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