Providing connectivity at remote sites for a Swedish NGO


A Swedish non-governmental organization (NGO) reached out to MW Group for help. They required a secure connectivity solution at an incredibly remote area in the Swedish archipelago.


The 3G and 4G connection was not sufficient and it was critical to get connectivity in the area. The NGO had an urgent need to operate at this remote location.


To meet the client’s urgent needs, we set-up our eCMesh – Unified Network Solution, which enabled the client to get connectivity with full coverage across the remote area. Furthermore, through our Security Operations Center (SOC) we were able to offer support to the client with our end point protection service. Mitigating any IT-related risks of their operation.


With our own developed eCMesh – Unified Network Solution the clients got an encrypted, secure, and robust solution that enabled connectivity at remote areas where standard systems and solutions simply aren’t reliable enough.

Civil Preparedness

Resilient civil communication systems
The above solutions and services contribute to the following NATO Baseline Requirements.

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