Security Operation Center (SOC)

Did you know that according to Gartner it takes approximate 100 days before a security breach is detected? Our Security Operation Center (SOC) will be able to detect an intrusion in real time.

Our SOC service is ideal for when

  • You want to remove the resource burden for security monitoring and incident management
  • You must comply with regulations such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27000
  • You need a more streamlined and cost-effective threat reduction of intrusion

When you have difficulties managing your digital security and you are afraid of what’s sneaking around in your digital domain, then you will be happy knowing that someone is doing their best to detect new and emerging threats and thus preventing damage and loss of business-critical information.

Modern protection is much more than just antivirus, 85% of the assets in most companies today are digital. Today’s cyber threat is about seeing patterns in a larger context, our service offer combines many different tools as well as external monitoring to create the overall understanding of what is happening in your organization and we support you with proactive protection.

End Point Protection – Protection of data networks that are remotely bridged to client devices

System patching, Signature-based protection against malicious code, cloud reputation, extended protection against ransomware, system controller. Continuously reviewed and optimized.

End Detection and Response – Advanced intrusion sensor

The sensor analyzes events outside of what an antivirus handles. Safety-related events and behavioral deviations.

Email protection office 365 – A powerful extra security layer

Review of attachments and links, an extra protection before e-mail is delivered to you as a user

Alarm handling 24/7 on your most worthy systems

Take action before damage occurs.


24/7 monitoring

Guaranteed to handle all high-critical and critical alarms received by the operators within 8h (08.00-17.00 weekdays). Opportunity to increase staffing to 24/7 and faster alarm handling according to SLA agreement.

Our solution

We offer an all in one mobile and computer security platform to detect and prevent digital intrusions. This package increases your resilience to digital intrusions by increasing the effort required for an attacker to succeed in an attack.


  • Receive a report when the security incidents really need action
  • Go from detecting intrusion in 100 days to one or a couple of days
  • Incident response plan, continuously revised
  • Staffed Certified Information Security Consultants when you need it
  • Meet the GDPR’s requirements for reporting data breaches within 72 hours – Article 33
  • Routines for reports to customers / partners / authorities


Civil Preparedness

Resilient civil communication systems
The above solutions and services contribute to the following NATO Baseline Requirements.
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